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August 2nd, 2004

11:28 pm
I'm new to this community! It seems great.

Ok, here's my story.  I live in Arkansas, and my fiance lives in Vancouver, BC.  We are thinking about getting married ASAP.  I go to college in Arkansas and I have one more semester before I graduate.  In order for this marriage to work out, he will need to work full time from now until I graduate.  Is that possible? 

I really don't know anything about immigration. I don't really know what to do at all.  Any advice or comments or just plain hellos would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone.

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May 5th, 2004

06:20 am - Nexus?
Hi there.

I'm an American (Massachusetts) with a Canadian girlfriend (Ontario). We haven't been together all that long yet (less than a month), but things so far are going very, VERY well for us. I anticipate there will be a lot of border crossing for both of us in the future. I've noticed that border crossing agents tend to get their pants in a knot when you say you're only staying in Canada for the weekend to see an internet friend after driving so far.

So, I did some research, and I found the Nexus program: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel/nexus/menu-e.html

The application seems to indicate it is a "commuter program," i.e. for people who live in one country and work in the other. For me, who'd only be crossing the border once or twice a month, I'm not sure if I'd be able to enroll. I tried calling the 866 toll-free number, but it doesn't work from here (apparently, it only works close to the border). Should I bother to apply?
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April 2nd, 2004

01:05 am - Hi everyone :)
I hope you all are doing well, haven't heard anything out of this group in awhile.

I just had a question I don't know if any of you can answer, but to fill out AOS paperwork for immigration purposes it says something about a visa number. But my fiance didn't get a visa to come across the canadian border, how does that work? He came across legally as a visitor, but Canadians dont even have to have a passport to get into the states. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any insight :)

Thanks so much!

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February 26th, 2004

03:12 pm - I was wondering....
I know a lot of you are doing the immigration paperwork to go to Canada, but you all were so helpful wth the work visa information. I was looking through the immigration website and they have a lot of paperwork that you can print and fill out. We arent going back to California until June, but we wont be getting married until October. Is there any paperwork we can start to fill out at this time? I'd just like to be able to get everything together, get all our ducks in a row, so when they ask for something we have 10 copies of it just to make sure hehehe

Man this stuff is enough to give you nightmares!
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10:44 am - one more...fees receipts
so, i need to get a *blank* fees paid receipt to take to a bank to pay the right of PR fee [i know i can wait on the RoPR fee] and the application fee, and then it also says i need a fees paid receipt to prove i got the medical exam. um, jigga wha? do i pay for the doctor at the bank, or do i end up with 2 separate receipts??

did i mention i'm getting frustrated again???


ETA: any recommendations of a *female* doctor in the lower mainland who's on The List?
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February 25th, 2004

04:34 pm - fingerprints/criminal checks
does anyone remember which form goes where? i remember something about needing a state police check AND an FBI check--there's only one form that i see: "request for police certificates/clearances and authorization for release of information". do i make 2 copies of this and send one to FBI and one to New Hampshire? the fingerprints are just a state check, right?

HELP! *cries*
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February 21st, 2004

05:05 pm - taxes, taxes, taxes.....
So, it's that time of the year again, you know...the time of year we dread and procrastinate for another month and then panic. Yeah, *that* time. ;-)
This is the first year Robin has had any income so it is the first year we have had to contend with this business of filing in both countries. It makes no sense to me why we should have to do this once you get permanent residence status, I think it's pretty clear you've moved on (literally). But nevertheless, anybody know of any advantages to the dual filing situation? Like writing off student loan interest on the American side, or contributing to a 401 plan or something. I need some advantage to offset the major pain in the ass the extra paperwork will be.

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February 20th, 2004

04:41 pm - Intro :)
Hi my name is Stephanie, im 22, going to be 23 in March. I currently live in Nova Scotia with my fiance Trev, he is 23. We met 10 years ago on the interenet. Our story is a somewhat long one, ill try to condense it so no one falls asleep hehe After 5 years of chatting on the interenet, and phone almost daily Trev came to take me to my senior prom, he rode on the bus for 3 days just to get there. When he got to California, he fell in love with the weather and the place I live so he decided he was going to get a job there. He got hired on at Apple (he is a big mac guy) and went to the border to get his work visa. Well what we didn't know is that although they had hired him, he didn't have enough work experience or a college degree for the NAFTA agreement between Canada and the US, so he was deported. they took it easy on him because he was only 18 and didn't really know any better. He came back here to Sydney and went to college, and got a job with the government for a few work terms. After 4 years of being apart again, and huge phone bills, I flew out to visit in April of 2003. it was at that time that we decided we didn't want to ever be apart again. I still had to return back to California to work up some loose ends, then he flew to see me in June and we drove back here in my little suzuki swift. Took us about a week in total to get here. The plan is that we are living here for a year so he can save money, and so that i could get to know his family. Working on getting a fiance visa, then we will be returning to California to get married. We haven't encountered any problems so far, not even when i came across the border, they didn't even look at my passport and never stamped it. That was the big thing we were worried about is if they stamped it, id only be able to stay 6 months then have to go back to the border and come across again. So here we are we have been here since last July, I guess im here illegally, but im not working or anything. Our biggest obsticale with the immigration is going to be the cost I hope! Well thats my story :) Hope to hear from all of you at one point!

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February 17th, 2004

03:24 pm - huzzah!
love_wo_borders is here!

please read the profile and interests and let me know if you have any other ideas. (and no, i'm not taking "curling" off the interests list. :-p hehe!) i did make one icon (not the "get oot!" one--go to the info page to see it), but i'm not going to put a lot of effort into the layout, since i figure most people read everything on their own friends pages anyway.

spread the word! i'd like to get as many people as possible! let's make it all easier for others!
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