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CIC - your #1 immigration resource

March 30th, 2009

04:37 pm - Contact me
Have questions? Want to be anonymous? Well send me your questions. It is safe and your identify will not be given out. If your question is chosen it will be posted to </a></b></a>tswithtammysmth along with a response. A private response will also follow. All topics are welcome. From the weird to the norm, fetishes, fun, family or just a person to vent to. Visit me here on LJ or email me at   T.S.with TammySmith@gmail.com

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May 18th, 2007

07:34 pm - applying for citizenship
I have been a permanent resident in Canada for the last 2 years and am interested in applying for citizenship. I have traveled quite a bit between the US and Canada throughout the last few years, but haven't managed to keep very good records of my travels. On the application, I need to document all of the times I left Canada to see if I meet the residency requirement.

Does anyone know if I can just use the stamps in my passport? If they don't stamp your passport, do they still have a record of all of your border crossings? I don't want to give false information, but I don't know any way to come up with the exact dates. I would appreciate any advice!


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May 16th, 2007

11:48 am - through canadian border with husband overstayed visa in the US
I got the permanet residency when I arrived at Canada, shortly after that I went back to visit my long time boyfriend in Miami, and we got married here in the US.

I want to take him to live with me in Canada, the problem is, he is an illegal inmigrant here.

What can I do? Will Canada validate our marriage in the border? and allow us to get in and stay together?

What should I do?

I guess taking criminal records, a health exam and all this id´s, and proof of marriage will work? help pls!!

We are both peruvian, and for him to come back to our country will mean that he won´t be able to come back to the US or Canada because he overstayed and his visa has already expired.


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October 14th, 2005

04:15 am - passport?
I'm an American married to a canadian and I'm about to fill out the PR application of "Spouse or Common-law partner in canada class." What I am wondering is, do I need to have a passport for this application?

I know I will have to have one eventually. But what I need to know is, do I need one right now for this particular application. I noticed that there is one place where it asks for your passport number, but it also lets you check an "other" if you are a U.S. citizen who entered without a passport.

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September 2nd, 2005

05:55 pm
So, Monday's my birthday. My mom had four packages shipped to me for birthday gifts. We had them shipped to my brother in law's box at mailboxes plus in Blaine, WA. However, my canadian born and bred brother in law was stopped at the border and the items were seized. They claimed that he "lied" to them, because he said the value of everything was $150 (which it was). One of the items was a down comforter, bought for 59.99 at overstock.com, but the genius officers decided that it was worth $200 and that my brother in law lied to them. The receipt for it wasn't there, for some reason, possibly because it fell out. Who knows. I do have an online receipt. Because of this "lie" they held up my brother in law for 4 hours, fingerprinted him, and told him that he could never cross the border again. He also had to pay $170 to claim the seized items.

Apparently, if we can prove that he wasn't lying about the cost, he will get his money back and an apology, but I honestly don't ever expect to hear one of those jerks say "I'm sorry."

No offense if any of you work or have family who works at the border.

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August 27th, 2005

11:12 am
Can I work in Washington and live in BC?

I'm an American married to a Canadian. I have only just applied to extend visitor's status. It hasn't been processed yet. Also we are flagged at the border from when we tried to move (yes it was an ignorant mistake).

I was just wondering if I can live in BC and drive across the border to work each day. Would Canada let me back in? Do I need to wait for my visitor's status extension to be approved? Or can I not leave the country at all until I am a Permanent Resident?

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August 20th, 2005

12:01 pm
Hi all. I posted here a while back and I just need to talk to some people.

I(American) lived in Arkansas, and my husband Paul(Canadian) lived in Vancouver. Paul came down to Arkansas in September 2004, and we got married in Texas October 1. We decided to move to Vancouver, so we drove up in February 2005. I got a visitor's visa. In May, due to family issues and money issues, we decided to move back to the States. However, we were stopped at the border. My husband was not allowed to re-enter at all. They said not even to visit because he has "intent to immigrate." Now, we have decided to stay in Vancouver indefinitely. But now he is flagged at the border. How on earth can he visit the states on a regular basis?

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December 23rd, 2004

03:09 pm - New
Hello everyone.

I can't believe I found this community. :P

My name is Mallory. I'm 19 years old. I live in Yonkers, NY. My man Jon lives in New Westminister British Columbia Canada. He is 34 years old.

I met him online almost two years ago.

I've dated a lot of people in the past, but Jon's always been there... and he's the one I'm meant to be with.

I am hoping to save up money to see him in the summer. In the next few years, I will be moving up to Canada to be with him.

I'm hoping to make some friends here, so I'll know some other people when I get up there.

*hugs to all*

Have a great holiday and a happy 2005!

I will talk to you all soon.
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September 20th, 2004

07:34 pm - Nexus Interview...
(cross-posted out the wazoo)

So here's how my Nexus interview went:

Enter the office, greeted by a receptionist, and I checked in for my appointment.

I sit down and wait for less than two minutes.

Customs Canada officer #1 calls me over. Asks to look at my passport, birth certificate, and car registration. Asks me if I still live at the same address. Takes my picture.

He Explains how to use the Nexus pass, both Canada-bound and US-bound (the procedures are slightly different depending on which direction you cross the border.)

While printing my pass, he asks:

"What is the nature of your visits to Canada?"
"My girlfriend lives in St. Catherine's."
"Well, if it ever goes further than that and you get married and decide you want to move to Canada, just tell the guy in the Nexus lane you want to speak to an immigration officer (points to huge "Canada" logo on his uniform) -- that's us -- and then we'll tell you where you need to go from there."

That's it for Customs Canada officer #1. I'm shuttled to the cubicle across the way to speak to Customs Canada officer #2, who explains THE RULES and has me sign a form saying that I understand THE RULES. He asks pretty much the same questions as CIC Officer #1. CIC Officer #2 hands me a bunch of Canadian literature.

I'm shuttled back to the waiting area. About 2 minutes later, I'm called by a US Customs officer.
He takes my picture, checks my address and documents, and scans my fingerprints. (Amusing note, the US system seems to require something to be filled in under "location of apprehension" [Buffalo, NY] and "amount of time illegally in the US" [N/A - Nexus Program Enrollment] )

US Customs guy hands me US literature and explains in dry, boring, excruciating detail exactly what fruits and vegetables from what provinces aren't allowed back in the states.

Total interview time was less than 20 minutes.

Going back across the border into the US after spending the weekend with my girlfriend was really fast. I zipped by all the people waiting in the normal lanes, and was only asked if I had anything to declare. The customs officer actually got into a conversation with me about my car (a Civic Hybrid, which he was apparently considering). It was weird. I'm used to US Customs people treating me gruffly. This guy was actually nice. Probably because no one was behind me in the lane. He told me that either my girlfriend needed to move here or I needed to move to Canada because "you're killing your cars" with the monthly drives.

All in all, a positive experience. I have yet to use the Nexus pass to go into Canada (given that my interview was in Canada), but I'm sure it will be just as easy. Definitely worth the money and the wait.
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August 25th, 2004

10:53 am - Nexus, eh?
I just got a call from Customs Canada. My Nexus pass application has been approved, and I set up an interview / enrollment for September 17th at 2 PM in Fort Erie.

I applied at the beginning of July, and I was wondering what had happened with that. :)

Yay! No more border-crossing hassles for me!! :)

(cross-posted to my own journal, loversfaraway, and canadabound)
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